Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind was born in Westchester, New York but grew up in Boulder, Colorado. He relocated to Denver after graduating from the University of Colorado — Boulder.

Education: Studied journalism and communication at the University of Colorado — Boulder

Career: Harrison began covering the Nuggets at the start of the 2015-16 season and has been with BSN Denver for the better part of the past three years.

Most memorable sports moment: “The Decision” AKA when LeBron James took his talents to Miami, AKA the moment I fell in love with the NBA.

The finest sports book I’ve ever read: Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball, also known as the bible. Runners-up include “Seven Seconds of Less” by Jack McCallum, “The Punch” by John Feinstein and “The Miracle of St. Anthony” by Adrian Wojnarowski.

One sports movie that I can’t live without: Love & Basketball

Most memorable experience as a reporter: Listening to Michael Malone and Nikola Jokic describe a “naked hug” they shared in the Nuggets’ locker room following Jokic’s first-career triple-double during the 2016-17 season.

The sport that started it all: Basketball, of course. Harrison is the son of a coach but chose to pattern his game after mid-range technician Richard Hamilton. Much like Hamilton, his game started to decline as the sport migrated out towards the three-point line. Now, he roams the perimeter and rarely ventures into the paint like Brooklyn Nets’ guard Joe Harris.

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